Archdiocese Track Championships

Below are the first-place finishers from the CYO New York Archdiocese Track and Field Championships at Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx.

First grade

100: Elise Walsh, SJHA 19.87; 200: Caelen Moriarty, Sts. John Paul, 42.28; 400: Nora Bohan, St Joseph Yorkville, 1:44.54; 800: Victoria Fahoum, SJHA, 3:58.00; Long jump: Emma Barry, New World, 5-09.00; Shot put: Elise Walsh, SJHA, 6-01.00; Javelin: Natalia Sanchez,  St. Gabriel, 22-08.

Second grade

100: Olivia Kurys, St. Charles, 18.27; 200: Jaleya Jones, New World Pr, 39.06; 400: Jaleya Jones, New World Pr, 1:36.57; 800: Lucia Veneruso, St. Joseph Bronxville, 3:41.26; Long jump: Arabell Holmgren, St. Joseph Yorkville, 8-02.00; Javelin: Finola Roberts, IHM GIRLS, 28-01.

Third grade

100: Cecilia Davis, Sts. John Paul, 17.33; 200: Scarlett Munoz, SJHA, 37.97; 400: Scarlett Munoz, SJHA, 1:23.76; Long jump: Mary Geelan, St. Gabriel, 8-03.00; Shot put: Madison Piantosi, St. Patrick, 11-10.00; Javelin: Scarlett Munoz, SJHA, 29-06.

Fourth grade

100: Caitlin Marciano, Sts. John & Paul, 15.75; 200: Keilah Ahearn, CYO Club GIR, 33.42; 400: Alexis Frank, St. Joseph Yorkville, 1:33.78; 800: Caitlin Marciano, Sts. John & Paul, 3:15.01; 1500: Annie Beech, Sts. John & Paul, 7:35.74; Long jump: Ashle Szafianski, St. Joseph Yorkville, 9-05.00; Shot put: Charlo Wodzinski, St. Patrick, 11-11.00; Javelin: Lillian Torres, NDA, 36-10.

Fifth grade

200: Kamora Forrester, CYO Club GIR, 34.03; 400: Hallie Messana, Sacred Heart, 1:27.00; 800: Ella DiStefano, St. Clare, 2:52.88; 1500: Madelyn Fahoum, SJHA, 6:50.16; Long jump: Grace Leary, Epiphany GIR, 11-10.00; Javelin: Riley Lake, SJST-SJN, 22-10.

Sixth grade

100: Chloe Freyburger, Epiphany GIR, 16.22; 200: Charlott Carolan, St. Patrick, 32.03; 400: Vanessa Theodos, Epiphany GIR, 1:21.80; 800: Adrian Gigliotti, St. Clare, 3:12.48; Long jump: Eva Maira, St. Charles, 12-04.00; Shot put: Bridget D’Acunto, ASD, 20-06.00; Javelin: Julia Quattrache, ASD, 54-02.

Seventh grade

100: Karina Rosales, MCA – GIRLS,15.02; 200: Briann Almodovar, St. Patrick, 29.98; 400: Olivia Anzurez, St. Patrick, 1:12.04; 800: Emily Fahoum, SJHA, 3:16.51; 1500: Giulian Collegio, St. Clare, 5:46.20; Long jump: Olivia Anzurez, St. Patrick, 14-06.00; Shot put: Karen Corripio, CYO Club GIR, 25-07.00; Javelin: Mia Sciametta, SJHA, 56-09.

Eighth grade

200: Emily Castle, Epiphany GIRLS, 30.69; 800: Nicole Ruiz, SJHA, 3:02.54; Long jump: Adrian Fernandez, SJHA, 11-04.00; Shot put: SkylarRaffone, ASD, 28-09.00; Javelin: Jenna Zanelli, NDA, 60-01.

Girls 400 relay

Grades 3-4: Sts. John & Paul GIRLS  ‘A’ 1:13.06; Grades 5-6: St. Patrick  ‘A’  1:03.48; Grades 7-8: St. Patrick  ‘A’ 1:00.55.


First grade

100: Ryan Messam, Sacred Heart, 17.85; 200: Ryan Messam, Sacred Heart, 39.61; Long jump: Malique Patterson, New World Pr, 6-08.00; Javelin: Ryan Messam, Sacred Heart, 34-02.

Second grade

Luke Thevenot, Sacred Heart, 16.91; 200: Luke Thevenot, Sacred Heart, 37.05; 800: Dean Piro, OLSS, 3:35.23; Long jump: Julian Flores, New World Pr, 6-10.00; Shot put: Isaac Stramiello, Iona Prep, 12-06.00; Javelin: Luke Thevenot, Sacred Heart, 32-03.

Third grade

100: Paul Merkevichius, St. Patrick, 15.84; 200: Paul Merkevichius, St. Patrick, 35.62; 400: Donald Jack, IHM BOYS, 1:28.67; 1500: Louis Broccoli, Sacred Heart, 6:52.79; Long jump: Mathew Joseph, IHM BOYS, 11-09.00; Shot put: Christia Merillo, St. Clare, 12-07.00; Javelin: Gerard Curry, St. Gabriel B, 55-02

Fourth grade

100: Jonathan Hasner, St. Patrick, 15.82; 200: Jonathan Hasner, St. Patrick, 34.59; 400: Felix Valedon, Iona Prep, 1:27.53; 800: Robert Genco Jr., SJST-SJN, 2:45.03; 1500: Sean Hoffman, ICS Boys, 6:26.70; Long jump: Max Tinson, Chapel School, 10-10.00; Shot put: Robert Genco Jr., SJST-SJN, 17-03.00; Javelin: Jonathan Hasner, St. Patrick, 44-08.

Fifth grade

100: Christian Davis, Sts. John & Paul, 15.25; 200: Mario Saponara, St. Patrick, 35.04; 400: Timmy Cesarz, St. Joseph Yorkville, 1:13.20; 800: Timmy Cesarz, St. Joseph Yorkville, 2:53.97; 1500: Stephen Brown, ASD, 6:02.70; Long jump: Mario Saponara, St. Patrick, 12-01.00; Shot put: Dominic Coluccio, St. Charles, 23-07.00; Javelin: Dasani Marrero, Iona Prep, 55-09.

Sixth grade

100: Lucas Fray, IHM BOYS, 15.12; 200: Joaquin Anzurez, St. Patrick, 28.86; 800: Jonathan Wood, Epiphany BOYS, 3:13.79; 1500: Matthew Jensen, CYO Unattached, 5:55.52; Long jump: Leonides Anzurez, St. Patrick, 15-05.00; Shot put: Derek Valenzuela, Chapel School, 14-02.00; Javelin: Joaquin Anzurez, St. Patrick, 94-01.

Seventh grade

100: Stefan Offenberg, Sacred Heart, 13.60; 200: Stefan Offenberg, Sacred Heart, 28.48; 800: Harrison Moeller, SJHA, 2:35.64; 1500: Harrison Moeller, SJHA, 5:05.42; Long jump: Harrison Moeller, SJHA, 13-03.00; Shot put: Michael Gonzalez, St. Charles, 29-09.50; Javelin: Desmond Miller, St. Joseph Yorkville, 54-08.

Eighth grade

100: Giann Pasqualone, St. Clare, 12.53; 200: Thomas Stokes, Mount St. Michael, 27.12; 800: Brian Hickey, CYO Unattached, 2:51.86; Long jump: Giann Pasqualone,  St. Clare, 17-06.00; Shot put: King Mercer, Mount St. Michael, 30-08.00; Javelin: Brian Hickey, CYO Unattached, 73-07.

Boys 400 relay

Grades 5-6: IHM BOYS  ‘A’ 1:00.78; Grades 7-8: St. Clare  ‘A’ 56.60.

CYO Track Resumes Sunday

The CYO New York Track and Field outdoor season will resume Sunday with a 1 p.m. meet at Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx after taking the previous weekend off due to Mother’s Day.

This is the third of six outdoor meets in 2022. Future meets will be held on Sunday, May 22; Sunday, June 5; and Sunday, June 12. Mount St. Michael will serve as the site for all the 1 p.m. meets.

CYO New York offers track and field to CYO youth, teams and/or unattached athletes in grades kindergarten through eighth grade. Area club and public school programs are welcome to compete, too. Athletes will be permitted to compete in three events at each meet.

Visit to register and for more information.

CYO Track Starting March 27

CYO New York released its 2022 outdoor track and field schedule that features nine meets, including the season opener on Sunday, March 27 at 1 p.m. at Mount St. Michael Academy in the Bronx.

All nine meets begin at 1 p.m. with eighth of the meets scheduled for Sundays at Mount St. Michael, including the county and archdiocesan championship on June 5. A site for the ninth meet scheduled for Saturday, May 7 is still being determined.

There are no meets scheduled for the weekends of Palm Sunday, Easter and Memorial Day.

Click here for the complete schedule, more information and to register.

Archdiocesan XC Championships

Three hundred eleven runners participated in the Archdiocesan Cross Country Championships Nov. 14.

Here are the winners of each race:

PreK-K (.125 miles): Nia Podkalicki, NDA Girls, 50.9; Joseph Pagni, BSS Boys, 52.0. Grades 1-2 (.25 miles): Charli Cosentino, St. Clare Girls, 1:39.6; Luke Thevenot, Sacred Heart Boys, 1:38.6. Grades 3-4 (.5 miles): Maeve Reilley, St. John/Paul Girls, 3:31.7; Robert Genco, SJSTSJN Boys, 3:12.9. 5-6 Girls (1 mile): Ella DiStefano, St. Clare Girls, 7:07.8; Leonides Anzurez, St. Patrick’s Boys, 7:05. Grades 7-8 (1.5 miles): Danielle List, St. Aedan Girls, 9:28.2; Harrison Moeller, SJHA Boys, 9:27.5.


CYO Cross Country Championships Set for Sunday on Staten Island

The Archdiocesan CYO New York Cross Country Championships will be held at noon Sunday at Catholic Charities of Staten Island.

The event, open to runners in PreK through eighth grade, will support the Food Pantry of Staten Island.

Here are the winners of the recent CYO New York County Championships:

Kindergarten-Second Grade (400 meters); Girls–Ari Pennicooke, CYO Unattached, 1:25.5; Boys–Thomas Foley, CYO Club Boys, 1:16.8.

Grades 3-5 (1,500 meters): Girls–Grace Delaney, St. Aedan, 6:35.8; Boys–Declan O’Keefe, CYO Unattached, 6:31.8.

Grades 6-8 (2,000 meters): Girls–Danielle List, St. Aedan, 7:19.2; Boys–Michael Rynne, Iona Prep, 7:32.9. 

CYO Meet Raising Money for St. Dominic’s Family Services

CYO New York is holding a cross country meet on Sunday at 1 p.m. at St. Augustine’s in Ossining and will donate event fees to St. Dominic’s Family Services.

The Dominican Sisters from Blauvelt started St. Dominic’s Family Services in 1878, a charity that now provides foster care and prevention, developmental disabilities, mental health, therapeutic education and preschool services to some 2,000 children, adults and families in the Bronx, Orange and Rockland counties.

Children from the St. Dominic’s school community will be attending Sunday’s cross country event.

Visit to learn more about St. Dominic’s Family Services and to make a donation to the event raising money for the Friends of St. Dominic’s. Visit to learn more about the CYO programs being offered in the archdiocese.

CYONY Suspends Indoor Activity Through End of 2021

CYO New York announced all indoor activity has been suspended until the end of the year and hopes to have a start date of January 15 for a season start date for indoor CYO activities.

“As the Delta variant has set us back to start this year, recently there have been positive signs trending in our favor,” said Seth Peloso, director of CYO New York in a letter to volunteers and participants on “Some may view this update as a setback, but know that the volunteer CYO parish coordinators/athletic directors have informed us of their current state of preparation for this season. 

“For the majority, they will need this time to prepare their volunteers, open or extend their registrations and organize their teams. For those programs that are ahead of the curve, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.”

Peloso added that updates will be provided around the first of each date and the start date may change.

“Though a January start date has been earmarked, if the conditions present a path forward to allow indoor activity in December and in consultation with the education office, we will communicate that in advance,” he said. “And of course, as we have learned throughout this pandemic, should things regress we will need to adjust accordingly.” 

Visit for updates on CYO athletes in the archdiocese.

CYO Cross Country, Bowling Registration Open on Staten Island

Registration is open for CYO Staten Island cross country and bowling seasons this fall.

The cross country season begins Saturday, Sept. 25, and meets will be held at Clove Lakes and on the grounds of Mount Loretto. Contact Bob Smith at or for more information.

Bowling will be offered on Monday, beginning Oct. 18 and continuing for nine weeks at Rab’s Country Lanes. Bowlers will compete in one of three divisions: kindergarten through second grade, third through sixth grade, and seventh and eighth grade. Visit to register and for more information.

CYO XC Starts Sunday

The CYO New York cross country season kicks off on Sunday at 1 p.m. at St. Augustine in Ossining.

CYO cross country is for runners in kindergarten through eighth grade. Runners will be divided into three divisions: kindergarten through second grade; third through fifth grades, and sixth through eighth grades.

This is the first of six meets on the fall schedule. Meets are scheduled for Sept. 26, Oct. 3 and Oct. 17 at St. Augustine.

The county championships are Oct. 24 at St. Augustine, and the Archdiocesan Championships are Nov. 7 at a site to be determined.

The rain date to make up a postponed meet is Nov. 14 at St. Augustine.

Visit to register and learn more about the upcoming season.