CYONY Suspends Indoor Activity Through End of 2021

CYO New York announced all indoor activity has been suspended until the end of the year and hopes to have a start date of January 15 for a season start date for indoor CYO activities.

“As the Delta variant has set us back to start this year, recently there have been positive signs trending in our favor,” said Seth Peloso, director of CYO New York in a letter to volunteers and participants on “Some may view this update as a setback, but know that the volunteer CYO parish coordinators/athletic directors have informed us of their current state of preparation for this season. 

“For the majority, they will need this time to prepare their volunteers, open or extend their registrations and organize their teams. For those programs that are ahead of the curve, we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.”

Peloso added that updates will be provided around the first of each date and the start date may change.

“Though a January start date has been earmarked, if the conditions present a path forward to allow indoor activity in December and in consultation with the education office, we will communicate that in advance,” he said. “And of course, as we have learned throughout this pandemic, should things regress we will need to adjust accordingly.” 

Visit for updates on CYO athletes in the archdiocese.

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