NWHL Suspends Play

National Women’s Hockey League Interim Commissioner Ty Tumminia announced Wednesday the league was suspending its Isobel Cup playoffs in Lake Placid.

The playoff games were scheduled to be televised today and Friday by NBCSN and the announcement came after new positive COVID-19 tests.

“The fact that we didn’t get these athletes on their deserved platform on [national television], that’s the most heartbreaking part,” Tumminia said in an ESPN story.

In case you are asking why the league suspending play is mentioned on this blog. Well, Ty Tumminia, former senior vice president of the Goldklang Group that owns several baseball teams including the Hudson Valley Renegades in Fishkill, is a graduate of a Catholic high school in the archdiocese — Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie.

Tumminia comes from a baseball family. She is married to Ben Cherington, general manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Her father, John Tumminia, is a retired Major League Baseball Scout who founded Baseball Miracles. Baseball Miracles has been featured here for bringing baseball to children in underserved communities around the world. John Tumminia is a parishioner of St. Mary’s in Marlboro.

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