Holmes Is Heart Of A Giant Nominee

Cameron Holmes of Moore Catholic was one of 10 week two nominees from the Tri-State area for the 2019 USA Football Heart of a Giant Award presented by the Hospital for Special Surgery and the New York Giants.

Voting will be open for 25 days to determine the group’s finalist to go up against finalists from the other five weeks. All six finalists and four honorable mention finalists will receive $1,000 for their high school football program with the overall winner’s school receiving an additional $9,000. Click here to learn more about the program.

This is a summary of Holmes’ nomination:

After losing all of his and his mother’s possessions in an apartment fire, Cameron Holmes is now living with his aunt for the remainder of his senior year. Through this time of hardship, Holmes has never missed a practice or workout. Holmes adds, “the coaches and teams were very supportive and helped us try and get back on our feet.” Head Coach Nick Giannatasio says, “Cameron is an outstanding man and a great athlete.” Cameron is indeed a great athlete, leading his team in receiving touchdowns last year with seven. Cameron Holmes truly displays the purest sense of dedication every single day.

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