Pat Joyce Memorial Tournament Surpasses $10,000 Over 8 Years

The Pat Joyce Memorial CYO Boys Basketball Tournament surpassed raising $10,000 over eight years with the money donated in Pat Joyce’s name to the Tree House, a Westchester County Bereavement Center.

Joyce, a husband and father of two daughters, lost his life fighting a fire as a Yonkers fireman in October 2009. Patrick Woods, Joyce’s CYO coach at St. Margaret of Cortona in 1984, started the tournament with Billy McLoughlin of Annunciation and Dan Harrigan of St. Joseph’s.

The eighth annual tournament, featuring 12 CYO teams of sixth and eighth grade boys, took place Dec. 26-30 with preliminary games at St. Margaret of Cortona in Riverdale, Annunciation in Crestwood and St. Joseph’s in Bronxville. The championship games were at Fordham Prep, where Joyce attended high school, and were won by St. Catherine’s of Blauvelt (eighth grade) and Annunciation (sixth grade).

Pat Joyce’s nephews – Matthew, Regan and Will Brunner – competed in the tournament with St. Peter’s of River Edge, N.J.

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